Inflatables for Healthcare

Based on anatomy, physiology and physics.


About Ergotrics


Ergotrics is a Med-Tech company which specialises in the use of compressed air in healthcare.

Ergotrics develops and manufactures products which allow for the optimal positioning or moving of patients. Without heavy physical labour and with special attention given to ease of use and hygiene.

Project CrossCare

Ergotrics werkt in het kader van het EU-project CrossCare aan het naar de markt brengen van verschillende producten zoals de Easylift en de Tilt. Binnen het CrossCare-project gaan we deze producten testen in proeftuinen in zowel Nederland als Vlaanderen. Dankzij deze samenwerking kunnen we onze producten gelijktijdig op de markt brengen in zowel Nederland als Vlaanderen wat voor Ergotrics van grote toegevoegde waarde is.

Het project wordt via het kaderproject CrossCare gefinancierd vanuit het Europese Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland programma ( Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland stimuleert grensoverschrijdende projecten voor slimme, groene en inclusieve groei, vanuit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO).

Meer informatie over de actuele resultaten vind u op de website van CrossCare:

Areas of application


Our inflatable cushions can be applied in hospital care, home nursing and veterinary medicine.

Hospital care

Turning patients from back to front position (proning) is and always will be a technically difficult action. Perfectly positioning patients on their front has major consequences for operations and long-term ventilation in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Home care

The demand for home care is on the rise due to the ageing population and because dependants want to stay in their familiar surroundings as long as possible. In order to meet this demand innovations are required which may help home care nurses in their daily activities.


Veterinary medicine

From tumour resection in pets to cruciate ligament operations in sports horses. Surgery on animals is no longer an exception these days. Supporting these animals well during the procedure is quite a challenge.


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